Henri Aribert-Desjardins

Hi there!

I'm Henri Aribert-Desjardins. I'm a French engineer who recently graduated from Grenoble Institute of Technologie - Phelma or Grenoble INP - Phelma.

I have a deep passion for real-time graphics technology and a fascination in mending procedurally generated geometry with digital art. I enjoy seeing procedural algorithms manifest itself in groovy ways and you can see my endeavors on my projects page. For me, graphics technology is the closest thing to magic that I will ever be able to do.

I'm specialized in C++ development (especially GUI and OpenGL), signal and image processing. I also have a Master degree from "Art, Science and Technologie".

I'm passionnate about music and graphism. I'm playing the guitar, bass and keyboard in several bands. I'm self-taught in computer graphics and I've made the things you can see here.

I'm posting here my resume, projects, videos, graphics designs and other stuff that interests me.
Well, there's not a lot to see for now because I hand-coded the website in a week.

Do not hesitate to contact me by email or even by phone.

Have a nice visit and a nice day.

See ya!