Henri Aribert-Desjardins

You and Lady Gouldian

Lady Gouldian Lady Gouldian Lady Gouldian Lady Gouldian Lady Gouldian Lady Gouldian Lady Gouldian Lady Gouldian

Inside a digital scene you are invited to participate in the evolution of a Gouldian Finchs colony. These are stunning and colorful birds but sadly the species is endangered.

The number of birds displayed in the digital scene is decreasing as the time, but a safe habitat will allow them to develop. You interact with the colony through a sensor that records your movements and you will bring them help in the difficult task of survival.

The spectator can either play with the birds on the scene, either try to create an attractive interaction with birds. If he achieve to stand still long enough and attract birds, he's gonna create 3 more birds and become a trees that will stay on the screen as the symbol of his evolution on the flock.

L'épouvantail tropical

This is an artistic installation I made for the master AST Art festival. Unfortunatly I didn't manage to record a screen cast during the event and the quality of this one isn't the best. The interaction was recorded using a Kinect someone lent me and I don't have it anymore. So you can only see here the motion of the birds.

The spectator was standing in front of the projection screen and was filmed by the Kinect. For those who don't know what a Kinect is, it is a depth camera sensor. You can track the silouette of the user with it.
So using the silouette tracking API, I made the shadow of the spectator on the screen more attractive for the birds if he wasn't moving. So the birds were perched on the spectator's shadow projected on screen. If the spectator started to move fast, the birds immediatly left his shadow and fly elsewhere on the screen! Like a scarecrow: "épouvantail" en français.

It was fun.

You can download the source of the project here. Note that you need OpenFramework to run it.

Boxing and Fireworks

Please click on the canvas to draw a firework of lines. You can play with the differents modes by clicking on the buttons on the top left.

This is an artistic installation I made for the master AST courses. It aims to be a digital punching ball.

Using a blob-detection algorithm on an video grabbed from a camera placed in front of a lamp, it detected the zones of hight luminosity. If the lamp is correctly placed, these zones correspond to the very near objects.
So if you punch the air near the camera, your fist would be detected and an explosion will appear on the screen.